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PROOF! Defensive Gun Use Saves FAR MORE LIVES Than Criminal Gun Use Takes

May 8, 2017 By Eric Walters


Mainstream media pounds away at gun use quoting endless statistics that are intended to convince the American people to run down to the police station and turn in their guns.

"It's Never Going To Happen!"

In addition to misquotes, data distortion, and outright lies, they ALWAYS omit one absolutely critical piece of information . . . lives saved.

Think About This...

If a human beings is shot while in the process of rape, murder or pillage, it counts as a gun death and goes down as a viable reason to eliminate guns rather than an absolutely compelling reason to keep them. Does that make sense to anyone?

Should the life of the now deceased murderer who was breaking into your daughter's bedroom be counted on the same side of the balance sheet as your almost deceased daughter would have be on had you not entered her room and shot him?

Shouldn't lives saved by guns be deducted from lives taken by guns to get a net effect?

Over time, a number of extensive studies have been done which amassed large volumes of data and established some well-supported gun control facts that you'll never hear about in mainstream media's tales of "gun violence." The most significant may be that:

Defensive gun use saves more than twice as many lives than criminal gun use takes.

It's all spelled out clearly in this excellent summary written by Bruce W. Krafft at thetruthaboutguns:

Read The Study Here:

Read The Original Article Here:

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