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Record Gun Sales Surge Continue As Democrats Push Confiscation

Posted by Bob Owens on November 5, 2015 at 7:38 am

The radicals on the left wing of the Democrat Party continue to be the best friend of firearms manufacturers, importers and dealers, and their stated desire for gun confiscation has driven sales through the roof yet again.

President Obama and Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton have both signaled support for "Australian-style" gun control, which is forced confiscation.

Law enforcement professionals have stated that such an effort would lead to a civil war. It is reasonable to conclude that many of those purchasing firearms and ammunition by the 1,000-round case are stocking up for that exact possibility.

No sane person would want to start a civil war, but they certainly aren't going to put themselves in a position to lose one if radical anti-gun Democrats push us into one, either.