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Citizens revolt, refuse to register guns Exclusive - Citizens revolt, refuse to register guns Exclusive
March 14, 2014

"I'm prepared to go to jail" say Americans

(Tea Party) - Tens of thousands of Connecticut residents are defying new state gun-control laws, refusing to register their firearms in defiance. As the citizens revolt, law-enforcement is also refusing to enforce the new restrictions.

Triggering the strict new regulations were the brutal slayings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in December of 2012. In response to that horrific event, the Democratic state legislature mounted an anti-gun campaign and approved sweeping new gun-control laws which were signed into law by Gov. Dan Malloy. New York, Maryland and Colorado along with several other states followed suit with their own strict gun-control laws.

Connecticut's new laws ban the sales of many types of firearms as well as larger capacity magazines - those which had been legal prior to the new laws taking effect. However, the state is requiring residents who legally purchased those weapons and magazines to register them.

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Many Connecticut residents believe the state has taken it too far and they are flat-out refusing to comply with the law. Their noncompliance is being backed by gun-rights groups who are standing behind them in support.

Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America said, "The revolt is underway. Tens of thousands of people in Connecticut have intentionally missed the deadline. They are not registering. Some of them actually said they would not when they were at the hearing when the law was being considered in the legislature."

In the WND radio interview Pratt explained that the backlash does not end there - it is going all the way to the ballot box. Lawmakers from both parties who supported the new gun laws are going to be challenged in the voting booths.

According to Pratt, "Almost all of the RINOs in the State Senate that voted for the measure are being opposed in the primary. "Democrats, you might have to face some angry voters in November, but Republicans are looking over their shoulder right now."

He also maintained that states with new gun control laws, including Connecticut, are facing increasing resentment toward the law among police officers which will make the new gun-control laws even more difficult to enforce.

"Two hundred and fifty police (in Connecticut) have signed a letter that they are not going to enforce the law. They have no intention of collecting anyone's firearms," Pratt said. According to Pratt, resistance from law enforcement in Colorado is even more intense.

"All but two of the state's county sheriffs have said, 'We're not enforcing the law.' To the surprise, I think, of a lot of legislators, it turns out lawmen are not particularly enamored with gun control. After all, they own guns personally. A lot of them enjoy recreational use of guns, and for them to be put in the position of collecting guns for some liberal ideologue in the legislature, they didn't really sign up for that," said Pratt.

Pratt's group, Gun Owners of America, is doing its part to urge residents in states like Connecticut and Colorado where new gun-control laws have been put into effect to outright reject those new laws requiring newly illegal weapons be registered.

Since this is a time when a great number on the right are condemning President Obama for purportedly engaging in selective enforcement of laws, the question must be asked whether those conservatives guilty of a double standard.

According to Pratt, the roadmap is provided by the Constitution in both situations.

He said, "Frankly, I don't have a constitutional problem with what the president is doing. We can deal with him and his party using the means provided in the forthcoming elections. If we end up sending a tsunami wave over his party and making his last two years in office totally miserable, that's the way the system permits it to be done." Pratt continued:

'Same thing in Connecticut. People are saying, "I'm prepared to go to jail." Well, if you get so many tens of thousands of people saying that, it becomes difficult to imagine how that (many arrests) can happen, especially if there aren't any police around to arrest them in the beginning.'

"I think it's an American's right to exercise his conscience. He has to be prepared to take the consequences, just like Martin Luther King. He exercised his conscience. (Rosa) Parks went and sat down right in the front of the bus. Now she was taken off the bus and escorted away, and she was put in jail for a bit. She was prepared to take the consequences, but she had decided, 'No more,'" said Pratt. "The people of Connecticut, I think, are in the same frame of mind."