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You consistantly call a magazine a clip
You think an AR-15 is an assault rifle
You have armed security guards
You are in posession of an illegal magazine while arguing for gun control on national television
Your kids have armed security guards
Your kids school has eleven armed security guards
You think the 223 is a military round
You think the shoulder thing that goes up is a barrel shroud
Your husband used to sell crack
Your husband raps about crack
When you hear the words Fast and Furious you think, Oh, a great movie
Your rule of a country where a large part of the city where you originated from is a killing zone even though no one is allowed to carry a firearm
You've never held a gun
You have never shot a gun
You have never read the second amendment and looked beyond the mere words on the paper
Sandy Hook was the first time you ever thought about gun control
If you have ever carried concealed
If you're Pierce Morgan
If you own a knife
If you live in a gated community
Anyone in the Demand a Change video
The first thing out of your mouth when you heard of the Sandy Hook shooting was gun control
You own a gun free zone establishment
You drafted an assault weapons ban but you carry concealed
You think advocating gun control durning Saturday night football is a good idea
You think the NRA is the KKK
You only talk gun control after a national tragedy
You believe in the first amendment
You say magazine clips on national television
If you have ever used a gun in a movie
If you don't know the difference between a high capacity magazine and a standard capacity magazine
You think holow points are cop killer bullets
You think we shold ban all semi automatic weapons but you believe in the second amendment
You think there is actually a gun show loophole
Everything you know about guns is from TV and movies
You think we should ban assault rifles because of what happened at Sandy Hook
You think we should ban assault rifles because of what happened at Virginia Tech
You think cops are expert gunmen
You think "ping" is the sound a suppressor makes
You're proud of yourself right now because when you heard me say that you thought to yourself no thats the sound a silencer makes
No more, enough, stop
You consistently call a magazine a clip