DC Police Chief Encourages Taking Out Gunman As 'Best Option'

Times have changed, "take action."

11.23.2015 News Trey Sanchez


Washington DC police chief Cathy Lanier is flipping the age-old advice given by law enforcement officers that recommends calling 911 and waiting for police response during an emergency. Because times have changed, she is recommending every one "take action" until police arrive.

Lanier's words of wisdom are coming a week after the Paris terror attacks and in the wake of more recent mass shootings. She told CBS News:

As Breitbart noted, Lanier's break from "old pacifist dogma" is the latest in s line from other officers who have been in the public eye recently, saying the same things. Such as Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke who encourages his residents to familiarize themselves with a gun so they can protect their families. Or Louisiana Sheriff Jeff Wiley who tells his female citizens to carry concealed.

Lanier's advice also echoes the sentiments of Dr. Ben Carson, who has recently drawn fire for saying it would be better to rush the guy with the gun rather than doing nothing and becoming his victim. It's amazing this idea is lost on so many.