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And This, My Friends, Is Why the Second Amendment Needs to Be Protected

These are the stories the left doesn't want you to hear.

5.25.2016 News Tiffany Gabbay

Two homeowners staved off near-certain execution at the hands of two black robbers Monday night for one reason and one reason only: they are lawful gun owners who aren't afraid to shoot their assailants.

The following story hits close to home as the victims are family members of a friend and fellow-conservative blogger who founded the site TundraTabloids. The blogger told TruthRevolt that if it were not for the fact that his brother-in-law keeps guns in his home, his sister and brother-in-law could very well be dead right now.

The incident occurred near Detroit's west side Monday evening when residents Daniel McNamara and his wife fell victim to a home invasion. The suspects forced the two on their knees at gunpoint. The local ABC affiliate provides the details:

According to the report, one of the suspects turned up at the local hospital and the second is still on the run.

TundraTabloids notes that McNamara let the two perpetrators into the house when they showed up at his door because he had seen them at a neighbor's house earlier that day and thought they were friends of that neighbor. The blogger also told TruthRevolt the reason his brother-in-law had a window of opportunity to retrieve his gun.

According to the victims, at one point the casting ejected from perpetrator's gun and it misfired. It was during this mishap that McNamara seized an opportunity to lunge for his own gun.

According to TundraTabloids, the entire time his sister was on her knees, praying.

"The Lord looked out for us today," McNamara told reporters.

We think McNamara should give himself -- his cool under pressure, wisdom to arm himself, and fortitude to defend his family-- more credit.

This incident proves an inconvenient truth for Democrats bent on vilifying lawful gun owners and the Second Amendment that protects them. We live in a dangerous time and it is imperative that people of goodwill not become sheep to the slaughter, which is of course what beta-male leftists would have us all become.