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A video showing a US Map over time
year   yellow   red
1986   9           41
1991   16         34
1996   30         20
2001   31         19
2006   38         12
2011   39         11
The yellow states are those which have liberalized their laws concerning carrying concealed weapons(CCW)
That means more people can get them if they want them.
Also graphs of decreasing crime rates after CCW laws liberalized displayed.
A coincidence perhaps? Factors such as increased surveilance capabilities can be a factor.
Chicago Gun Ban Otis McDonald case. Otis had his house broken into three times and his garage twice.
Allan Gura eloquently expresses Second Amendment Rights "The community in our country does not tell us what books to read, it does not tell us what religion to worship and it does not tell us what guns we are allowed to use, what arms we are allowed to use to defend ourselves and our families in our own homes. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of Americans prefer handguns as a means of self defense and our Constitution gaurentees them the right to use handguns for that purpose." Alan Gura argued against the Chicago ban on handguns before the supreme court.

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