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Gun Control Fanatic Attacks Education Secretary For The Dumbest Reason

Posted at 1:33 pm on February 8, 2017 by Bob Owens

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Moms Demand's Shannon Watts

Michael Bloomberg's gun control mouthpiece Shannon Watts has never been one to let little things like "facts" and "objective reality" get in the way of her attempts to infringe on your natural right to self-defense. Her latest bizarre objection to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is just the latest example of the insanity inherent to the rants we often here from Moms Demand Action.

The attack from Watts against Devos is absurd on two separate levels.

The first, noted in the article, is that DeVos simply isn't in any sort of a position to make laws or polices that would allow firearms on campuses anywhere in the nation. That is a determination that has to be made by state legislatures, not a Cabinet member appointed to an executive branch position. It's as if Watts doesn't grasp even the basics of American civics… which may very well be the case.

Then there's the research from Purdue University's Homeland Security Institute, which shows that Watts is not only wrong on DeVos's role in the government, but is also entirely wrong about what research shows about how firearms in schools actually deter and cut short violent attacks.

The simple fact of the matter is that Watts is under the patently insane belief that a sign will stop violent attacks on schools, despite the fact that this has never happened, anywhere.


What does work—and we've documented numerous instances of it here at Bearing Arms—is that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun or a knife is a good guy with a gun. We've chronicled several attempted mass shootings on high school campuses since Sandy Hook that were thwarted within two minutes by armed school resource officers (SROs) stationed on campus with firearms. When the threats revealed themselves, these officers rushed in and boxed in the would-be mass shooters, who then chose to take their own lives.

Purdue's research shows that having backed up by concealed carrying adults on campus provides and extra layer of security, which is self-evident. The SROs actively seek out and attempt to contain attackers, while faculty, staff, and other lawfully armed adults in offices and classrooms can take defensive positions guarding classrooms from the inside and engage any violent attacker entering the room from a position of ambush that not only gives the teacher/administrator/concealed carrier a huge tactical advantage, but puts students in the best position to survive an attack.

Watts could easily educate herself to these realities, but that's the problem inherent to the gun control movement in general; they have no interest in educating themselves. They are instead 100% committed to a doctrine of citizen disarmament, and selling fear is the only tool in their tool box.