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Sorry Liberals - MASSIVE GUN STUDY CONCLUDES: 'Murder Rates Rise When Guns Are Banned'

May 12, 2018 By Erik Walters

Do They Want To Save Lives Or Be Right?

Liberals forget that we all want the same thing in the gun-rights debate, we all want to save lives. The question is how to best accomplish that goal.

While Bloomberg and his cronies pour millions into the movement to take away our guns it is no wonder that many Americans believe the only way to accomplish this goal is to take away the guns from law abiding citizens.

"Just The Facts, Ma'am"

Gun-control advocates somehow believe that making guns illegal will be more effective than making heroin illegal, that bad guys will suddenly turn in their guns and there will be peace in the land.

They believe all sorts of things that just aren't true and forget that defending ourselves from criminals has nothing to do with our Second Amendment. They also ignore some other critical FACTS that make their position entirely untenable.

If they really want peace in the land they might want to look at the data that says otherwise, and check out the Crime Prevention Resource Center that has the numbers to prove it.

In an excellent article at explains:

The next time you hear a gun-control advocate expressing their heart-felt position you might explain that you know how they feel and suggest that, if they really want to save lives, they might want to look at the facts.