Bill Whittle: Ferguson And The Real Race War

According to the FBI for 2009 there were 408,217 robberies
Thats 1,118 per day, 47 per hour
According to the National Crime Victimization Survay:
In 2010 there were 62,593 instances of blacks being victimized by whites
In 2010 there were 320,082 instances of whites being victimized by blacks
That is 5 X as many
Considering population there were:
38,000,000 black Americans and
197,000,000 white Americans
then considering population differences it becomes 25 X as many black on white vs. white on black
Aggrivated assault of blacks on whites is 200 X the rate of aggrivated assault of white on blacks
In 2010 there were 13,000 black on white rapes and white on black rapes were zero
In 2010 there were 39,000 black on white robberies and zero white on black robberies