google key="inresco coincidence random"

when the page renders search key="brominating"
then search key=""
when I performed such a search on 20090618 I found that the web page had 15 of my youtube videos the code embedded and had google ads none of which I investigated thinking I would look when I had time and when I took the time the ads were gone and in its place was an ad to sell the web site. I am not sure about what to do about it and there are lots of other urgent things to do.

the second instance they had 20 of my videos the code embedded and were advertising things on that page but in I think Portugese as it was for Peru.
so here from my logs is a record of google accessing this page
08/11/09 08:12:11 OK :hit_runf:h1t_run.html

Opps my mistake, that's not google but China Telecom in Beijing CN
google owns youtube and there are google ads being advertized
I should like to find out what all this is good for

08/12/09 09:54:03 OK :hit_runf:hit_run.html
Here is a google hit
08/11/09 15:42:21 OK :hit_runf:h1t_run.html
Here is another
08/14/09 01:58:48 OK :hit_runf:h1t_run.html
Twice in one day
08/14/09 09:53:55 OK :hit_runf:h1t-run.html
08/14/09 10:59:33 OK :fury.html
08/14/09 11:30:27 OK :hit_runf:hit_run.html

09/19/09 I found the videos removed. the cached page shows "inresco" and "timp" as links but the links don't work