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Update: 20100319 2306 hours -=- Dr. Albert Bartlett Emeritus Professor of Physics at U. Colorado Boulder Arithmetic, Population and Energy
First in an 8 part series.
Evil is Good
On another note the inevitable collapse of the dollar

Update: 20100311 1722 hours -=- I have been told that what I do is Google whack jobs

Update: 20100227 0319 hours -=- Smiley appears

Update: 20100222 1500 hours -=- On the pretext of enabling myself the services of the career placement center at CSUH I presented to the woman who I saw to prepare a resume my grievance which has been ignored since 1988

Update: 20100113 1337 hours -=- WTF! I went to my local B of A branch to take an IRA distribution and was told by Ivory J. Hart that there was no one there capable of performing such a transaction.

Update: 20091127 2322 hours -=- WIN Thinking in Moving Pictures The movie now renders to the web

Update: 20091121 0511 hours -=- The Kekule Experience has been improved, scaled to viewing size and published as a QuickTime movie

Update: 20091116 2233 hours -=- Animation of the complex autocatalytic reaction mechanism I discovered to be operating in the dehydration reaction of alcohols in HMPT I studied for a thesis project for a MS in Chemistry at CSUH

Update: 20091116 1337 hours -=- Watching the shuttle progress. The Gary McKinnon issue.
My only significant publication involved developing an analytical method for deteremining atmospheric sulfur dioxide using formaldehyde. Prior to this the analytical method involved the use of tetrachloro mercurate. After the analysis toxic mercury waste had to be disposed of. This new analytical method eliminated the use of toxic mercury and the world switched to using it.
My part in this effort ws to design and execute the experiment which produced the world's best value for the second ionization constant of sulfurous acid.

As an autistic I have communication issues and one consequence is that I have work that is unpublished. To overcome performance communication issues I produced a computer animation depicting the complex autocatalytic reaction mechanism that I discovered to be operating in the dehydration reaction of alcohols in HMPT. Produced in 1988 the MacroMind Director movie with the advent of the internet was converted from an app which played on a Macintosh by Afterburner to be a file which could be rendered on the web and I obtained a domain name,

Update: 20091112 2254 hours -=- Scary Events in Front of My House

Update: 20091101 1339 hours -=- East Oakland gangsters breathing down my neck

Update: 20091022 0320 hours -=- Disreputable White Person

Update: 20091019 0831 hours -=- Conquering Heights the Sequel

Update: 20091018 1444 hours -=- Thanks for the Google Wave invite, google

Update: 20090922 1456 hours -=- Autism Speaks is being exposed as spending a lot of money on its organizaton and passing on not very much money to benefit autistics look for the link says "Why autistic people don't like Autism Speaks"

Update: 20090823 1121 hours -=- I am going to be the client from Hell to the Department of Rehabilitation

Update: 20090805 1557 hours -=- This thread is duplicated somewhat here

Update: 20090727 2047 hours -=- The missing cell phone battery charger has been found.

Update: 20090727 0743 hours -=- Shannon my house mate has been in the Doctors Hospital in San Pablo California and/or Vale Health Care Center for over a month now. Just last Thursday the 23rd he called me early in the morning to tell me he was back in ER. I went to the room in Vale Health Care Center to get the charger for his phone battery and found his Yaesu FT-60 to be missing. Now they switched rooms for him in the hospital from 414 to 518 and the hospital staff has managed to loose the charger. This is abuse

Update: 20090706 1816 hours -=- What he did tell me about the guy in the creek allowed me to notice another fellow I saw hanging out at Larry Zimmermann's place on San Pablo Dam Road. I described the fellow I saw to my neighbor and he said that is the guy. I know Larry to be so forgetful in his elderly years and when I went by there long enough ago for to have driven there in FX #1 he didn't remember me. I noticed more people hanging out there than when I worked for him about 1996. This was alright up to the point where my house gets broken into by a gang of burglars who prey on the elderly and infirm. So I think he is harboring a gang of thieves. I called Adult Protective Services who was aware that Larry was allowing a homeless couple to live there.

Update: 20090628 0741 hours -=- I contacted my across the creek neighbor and showed him the pictures I took of Larry. I was told that Larry was not the fellow observed leaving my yard

Update: 20090619 0736 hours -=- I took the newly found MMD movie that I produced in 1987 and focused a Sony Cybershot digital camera at the laptop screen and recorded the MMD movie into MPG and uploaded it onto youtube. Subsequently I found that someone had taken this video and 14 others in one instance and 19 others in a different instance of what I call Hit and Run Intellectual Property Theft to see these google key="inresco coincidence random" then when the page renders search key="brominating" for the first instance and search key="" for the second instance

Update: 20090519 1352 hours -=- The instructions on how to compile a MacroMind Director(MMD) movie into a Flash animation have been located.
This is important in terms of publishing my Kekule Experience

Update: 20090515 2355 hours -=- Three gunshots in the distance.

update: 20090514:2219 hours -=- port scan, not terribly unusual but what I found when I looked at where it was coming from. It is also not terribly new but I had a hard time looking for someplace to put the link, here.

update: 20090505:2104 hours -=- someone empties a magazine the sound coming from the direction of Richmond
2125 hours -=- single gunshot

Not a Coincidence

COPLOGIC Evaluation

Operation Rip Rap Depalletization FTW

Started construction of a platform under the trees. Will have multiple uses.

Execution of Operation Wood Deploy FTW

Phishing for a Crypto Channel
Ph1shing for a Crypto Chann3l

Thinking In Moving Pictures the movie is produced but not yet prime time

Harbinger of an Economic Collapse

My house was broken into Fri 3/27/09 in a 10 min window of vulnerability me walking in on the job 10 min after the alert was sent by observers(postulated) posted at strategic points in my small community which has been terrorized by local meth gang of burglars. Writing book about the incident called The Coincidence of Two Random Events ra 2009

So I collected evidence to establish the egress path which I assume is the ingress path as well since I used it a couple of times to get into my back yard when I got locked out.
My place is next to a creek and the county has an access path which has an unlocked 4' tall chain link fence at the front and another similar fence at the back.
Wednesday Thursday and Friday I erect a 10' tall barrier 20 feet wide. To block further access for reasons I will not divulge now as I believe they will return.
My neighbor states that the county deeded the piece to him some time ago, news to me
He paved the strip and placed some T bars with a plank on my property to prevent me from driving onto the macadam when I drive my truck or other vehicles up the driveway. I removed it as soon as I saw it. It occurred to me that by placing the T bars there it is an act of trespass.
Neighbor notices I am building the barrier and wants me to take it down. I refuse stating that there was a burglary.
The next day, Thursday, he sends the bigger of his two sons who is gruff and menacing, shakes my barrier and states that it has to go. I refuse as before stating that I needed to protect my property. He removes a camera and takes a picture of me I smile. He shows me this business card for someone from the county which I reach for as if he was going to give it to me. When he finally leaves I say "Have a nice day". Immediately the younger of the two sons walks around the corner. I say "I just talked to your brother" "I know" he says I say "He doesn't like what I am doing" At some point I say my name is Jim and get from him his name and his brother's name. This was Thursday
On Friday Al comes back bringing the Building Inspector from the county. Joe Losado Building Inspector I, Code Enforcement, who also demands removal. I state that I consider the situation a grave emergency and I need to erect the barrier to protect my property and posessions. He says he will return on Tuesday with Public Works. I say to him "Have a nice day" as he leaves. Tuesday comes I call him he puts off untill Thurday at which time I call him again. He stated he cannot connect with Public Works and I have not heard from him since.
This ran over three days, the time it took me to erect the barrier to further incrusions by the burglars. Coincidently I get a couple of harassing phone calls which leads me to go to Best Buy to get a new phone answering machine

Flash Animations Love/Hate   Sent to old new stuff page

I am watching the Force Quit Applications window and Firefox, iPhoto, Mail and Finder have their (not responding) messages in view

Kekule's Vision

pre electrophilic attack stage on the reaction coordinate of my Kekule Experience

The Glass Ceiling for Autistics is Below the Lowest Rung of the Ladder to Employment

New(20081215): I have animated the sequence of images from the TIMP series.

Feds & Hackers

The suck of Apple's and the suck of Apple's Safari together is greater than the sum of how much they suck individually apart

The Suck of Apple's Finder when combined with the suck of Apple's Safari is greater than the sum of the individual sucks of these products

The suck of Apple's Finder when combined with the suck of Apple's is greater than the sum of the suckage of the individual components of the pair

Home Depot Sucks

Busting McMaster-Carr

Wierdo Liberation Front

Paul Nussbaum, a person with Asperger's Syndrome, planned and executed a trans Sierra cross country ski expedition titled Conquering Heights Part of the preparation involved compiling a list of newspapers, TV and Radio Stations to which he sent notifications. Not a single one of them saw fit to give his effort any coverage.
Papers that ignored Conquering Heights

Gratuitous in-hospitality by a Farmers Insurance Agent

Canyon Park Neighborhood Watch

Canyon Park Neighbors had a meeting today to plan strategies to deal with a rash of burglaries that include some hot prowl incidents. (today =20090118)

Another instance of some security person at Schroeder's in San Francisco wanting me to leave, another instance of the type I encountered at Molotov's Cocktails on Lower Haight and one other time in Schroeders.

Another instance of a security person in Wet Pets subjecting me to scrutiny for what ever reason

Make It Suck Less

Mozilla has updates(20081224)

AS Reporter

Updated old stuff