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Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
Making a Killing: Psychiatry's Drug Push
100,000,000 People World Wide Taking Psychiatric Drugs
Depression, Anxiety are Normal Emotions
Psychiatry is a Profession Devoid of Science
Estimated Half of All Americans Committing Suicide Were Taking Psychotropic Drugs
Two and a Half Times More People Killed by Psychotropic Drugs Than are Kiled by Homicide
Making a Killing: Disease Mongering. A Drug in Search of a Market
Shyness: Social Anxiety Disorder
Making a Killing: Pitching to the Public
Making a Killing: "Side" Effects
42,000 killed per year
Get The Facts

  1. No Psychiatric "Disorder" is an Actual Disease
  2. Psychotropic Drugs Do Not Resolve Mental Problems
  3. Psychotropic Drugs Mask Symptoms and Have Long-Term Side Effects
  4. Psychotropic Drugs Create Dependency and Addiction
  5. Most Mental Problems are Caused by an Underlying Physical Illness
  6. There are Many Effective Non-Drug Options for Mental Problems
Industry of Death Known as Modern Psychiatry
National Drug Regulatory Agency -=- MedWatch
Citizens Commission on Human Rights