James C. Ullrey
(510) 222-9713
email: ullrey[at]inresco[dot]org


Proficient in the use of automated testing(Virtual User).

Programmed in C on the Macintosh for approximately 5 years.

Created a program in Fortran to generate data that was used as input for computational chemistry research.

Created an 8088 assembly language program to interface to a hardware board in an XT clone.

Self taught 3D perspective computer graphics. Coded application named PredatorPrey demonstrating same. Read disclaimer first: http://users.lanminds.com/~ullrey/disclaimer.html, then download: ftp://ftp.machack.com/Hacks96/PredatorPrey.sit.bin

Won an award in the 97 MacHack hack contest for PredatorPreyForwardMotion. Read the disclaimer then download


Platforms: Macintosh: MacOS 9 & OSX 10.5.8, PC Clones: AMD K6-2 using FreeBSD 5.3, and AMD Athelon 64 X2 Dual-Core using OpenBSD 4.5


* Inresco. Principal Engineer, CISSP. 1986 - present.
Current focus has been on learning and reviewing useful programming skills by watching youtube video tutorials for mysql, php, javascript, Python and Ruby
Security research has centered on physical and cyber security by implementing pf, an industrial strength firewall working on OpenBSD
Donated labor to administer a web page for a 501c3 organization AASCEND
Lecture before BMUG ISIG on "Kerberos Protocol for Dummies" http://users.lmi.net/~ullrey/crypto.html
Continuing with R&D phase with interests in MkLinux and FreeBSD. Recompiled the FreeBSD kernel to allow the machine to function as a router and firewall. Established ethernet connectivity between Macs and FreeBSD machine. Used routing software on a Mac to connect the FreeBSD box to my ISP. Connected FBSD machine to ISP with internal modem. Performed maintenance on the web site http://www.CalNatives.com
http://users.lmi.net/~ullrey/bot2.html shows an experimental implementation of DHTML in conjunction with JavaScript.
Paper presented Pac Con 98: "Solving Chemical Physics Problems with a Shareware Calculator".
Attended UNIX and C++ classes at UC Extension.
10/97 - 12/97. R&D phase with Web security issues as a primary concern.
Web servers. Installed VICOM's Internet Gateway v3.8.8 and configured it to map requests for ports 25 and 80 to the server machine connected on an ethernet network. Wrote an article based on the evaluation of the Internet gateway software.
2/97 - 8/97. Established domain name: inresco.org, and published web page: www.inresco.org.
Published animations of chemical reactions: http://users.lmi.net/~ullrey/Warning.html
Completed volunteer work for the Berkeley Unified School District k12 web page: http://users.lmi.net/~ullrey/webwork.html
Started cgi work: http://users.lmi.net/~ullrey/sohe.html, implementing mailto, text area, radiobuttons.
Began work to implement web orders for a pizza delivery restaurant: http://users.lmi.net/~ullrey/laval.html
9/96 -10/96. Published web page. Filled a niche for computer leasing and marketed a new data base search service.
Macintosh software development: Obtained a book: "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X", Aaron Hillegas 3rd Ed. Entered the code for the first two exercises, compiled and ran successfully.
Developed a programmable emulator for the HP-15C hand-held calculator in Think C. >1,000,000 lines of C code. Converted to native code for the PowerMac using MetroWerks CodeWarrior.

Apple Computer Inc., Cupertino, CA. Software Quality Engineer. 3/00 - 6/00.
Working under contract, performed integration testing of the then current build of Mac OS X against a variety of Macintosh hardware platforms in conjunction with a variety of third party software products. Tested network performance.
Tracked bugs in bug database. Maintained records.

Apple Computer Inc., Cupertino, CA. Quality Engineer. 1997 - 1998. Working under contract, performed white box testing of Device Manager testing tools for the ADB driver. Created program to make keyboard lights dance.

Net Professional Magazine. Editorial Assistant. 1997. Working as a contractor under the auspices of Inresco, performed clerical functions as a primary task and was allowed on my own time to investigate, test and install software available as a consequence of my position with the goal of writing magazine articles.

Apple Computer Inc., Cupertino, CA. Lead Engineer. 1996-1997. Working under contract, developed guide scripts for Macintosh Guide ATM Network Control Panel mixin. Completed product cycle.

Apple Computer Inc, Cupertino, CA. Lead Test Engineer. 1996. Working under contract developed scripts for Virtual User(VU) to test the new operating system while under development and simultaneously test the testing tool, VU.

CIBA-Corning, Alameda, CA. Macintosh Microsoft Excel Macro Programmer. 1994. Working under contract developed macros to process data for analysis of laboratory QC analysis data.

Synthetica Technologies, Richmond, CA. Macintosh Programmer. 1993. Working under contract developed a human interface for a program to open and read a database file of chemical information for processing the information contained therein. Presented paper at 95 SEAM Conference related to that work titled "Directed Graphs in Machine Intelligence".

INRESCO and Informasearch, Manager/Founder. 1985 - Present. Successfully filled a niche for computer leasing and marketed a new data base search service. Macintosh software development. Developed a programmable emulator for the HP-15C hand-held calculator in Think C. >1,000,000 lines of C code. Converted to native code for the PowerMac using MetroWerks CodeWarrior.

Syoth Information Service. Researcher. 1984 - 1985. Developed and operated a research document delivery business.

University of California, Davis. Research Assistant. 1977 - 1983. Designed and conducted experiments. Worked with and trained undergraduate students in research skills. Developed code in Pascal to complete laboratory exercises for a course in information systems. This involved data collection, coding, and writing a program to merge and sort two sets of data. Participated in the collaborative development of software to edit the data in the database involving FIND, MODIFY, ADD and DELETE capability. Developed software for relational batch retrieval. Developed an on-line information retrieval program to interrogate the database. Completed additional course work in database systems involving creating a database at the database designer level using HP-3000 IMAGE for pathology data. Completed graduate research project in synthetic organic chemistry with a multi-step synthesis. Completed graduate research project in computational chemistry by obtaining a wave function for a small organic molecule. Wrote Ph.D. dissertation.


Completed a series of courses at City College San Francisco and was awarded Biotechnology Certificate Completed a course, "Assembly Language Programming/Computer Organization" from Diablo Valley College(Intel instruction set)
Completed a course, "Intro to C++" class from U.C. Berkeley Extension.
Completed a course, "UNIX System Security" from U.C. Berkeley Extension.
Completed a course, "Intro to UNIX Usage" from U.C. Berkeley Extension.
Completed a course, "Intro to UNIX System Administration" from UCB Extension.
Completed a course in 68K assembly using MPW at DeAnza College.
Completed a C++ for the Macintosh course from U.C. Santa Cruz Extension. This involved an exercise using MPW and the MacApp 2.0 class library.
Completed the Apple Developer University's Macintosh Programming Fundamentals.
M.S., B.A. Chemistry, Cal State University at Hayward