Angela sent me to the Senior Citizens Center in North Richmond at 5th and Silver.
Mark who has lived in North Richmond all his life told me once that 5th and Silver is where there was an average of one dead body per day.
What I have observed is that in a year and a half there was one killing a block away at 5th and market. The Friday after Thanksgiving
That was Marquis Hamilton. I went to his funeral
My job was to measure the lot to see how much sod will be needed to put grass on the space.
I started measuring with my 250 foot reel measuring tape.
About half way through the process two black kids seeming about 15, both over 6 foot tall appear and watch what I am doing which is trying to get the hook on the end of the tape to stick to something and the edge of the concrete sidewalk doesn't work.
So I walk between them and put my 25 foot steel tape on the trunk of my car and walk to the North side of both of them and measure the distance by hooking the tape on the side of the building.