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The set of images starting with this link is a reconstruction of a vision I had while a senior in college which showed me the solution to the puzzle presented in the previous pages.     next

WIN Thinking in Moving Pictures
Movies of this now exist
Update:20091126 1302 hours -=- Better movies of this now exist as QuickTime Pro movies but they are resisting renderment to the web. Research continues.
First cut
 Dr. Richard E. Bozak, Ph.D. look at this page <!-- --> This is a ball and stick model. The large, dark colored balls are carbon atoms. The smaller white ones are hydrogen. The sticks represent bonds. A chemists tinker toy set.
Between the two carbon atoms clostest to this text is a bond a different color, this is how the double bond is represented. As the image is rotated in the succeeding pages one can see that atoms hidden behind other atoms appear.
I have found that Safari does not render well some of the pages. Use FireFox. I have only tested this with a Mac
I have made some progress in animating the sequence of graphic images in this and the following pages.
Interestingly enough some drama inserted itself into my path as I was taking my laptop to a local meeting of a group of friends of mine at Schreoeder's on Front Street in San Francisco. A replay of a movie I had been in before which I talk about elsewhere